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5,000+ companies in over 100 countries automate their knowledge work with M-Files




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5,000+ companies in over 100 countries automate their knowledge work with M-Files

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Discover the Unmatched Benefits of OptimaNext and M-Files

Unlock Growth, Efficiency, and Excellence in Knowledge Work Management

Enhanced Application Performance

Power up your existing business applications with M-Files. Experience a surge in the functionality of your CRM and ERP systems as you access up-to-date, relevant documents directly through the application’s interface.

Our efficient integration makes your current tools more powerful, streamlining operations and reducing system hopping.

M-Files not only enhances your apps but also supports digital signature tools, keeping you always ready for smooth and secure business transactions.

Amplified Knowledge Worker Productivity

With M-Files, unlock the full potential of your knowledge workers. By avoiding time wasted searching for the right document, they can witness up to 40% productivity gains.

Knowledge workers thrive when they spend more time leveraging their skills rather than navigating through information chaos.

M-Files paves the way for a productive environment that keeps your staff content and less stressed.

Increased Consistency & Reduced Errors

Imagine a workspace where consistency is the norm, and errors are drastically reduced. M-Files makes it possible by ensuring your staff easily finds the right information.

This not only improves the quality of their work but also minimizes rework caused by inaccuracies or missing data.

The outcome? Your teams consistently deliver high-quality work with fewer mistakes, promoting customer satisfaction and business growth.

In essence, M-Files empowers businesses by enhancing their application performance, boosting knowledge worker productivity, and fostering an environment of increased consistency and fewer errors.

Let M-Files transform how you manage documents, turning your everyday challenges into victories.

Your Pathway to Consistency, Growth, and Enhanced Profitability

We're not just about implementing a solution.

We're about transforming your work process - making information easily accessible, reducing non-billable time spent on document searching and approvals.

Our founder, with a decade-long track record of successful M-Files implementations, has harnessed this extensive experience to bring you OptimaNext. At the forefront of knowledge work management transformation since 2011, his vision now guides our mission to bring order to information chaos and streamline processes for accuracy and efficiency.

When you choose OptimaNext, you're choosing a partnership built on a proven history of success and dedication to client growth.

Because when you succeed, we succeed – your growth is our mission.

Embrace the Proven Advantage of M-Files with OptimaNext

Key findings in a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact study

294% ROI

294% ROI over three years on M-Files.


70% efficiency boost from automating workflows


50% faster speed of finding documentation.


65% faster document filing

But don't just take our or Forrester analysts word for it.

Here's what Sam Sofianos, CIO at Colin Biggers & Paisley, had to say:

'The team loves M-Files. It has saved 40 to 50 percent of lawyers' time in precedent generation... We're looking to add more documents for automation, taking workflows to the next level.'

When you choose OptimaNext for your M-Files implementation, you're not just adopting an innovative solution - you're unlocking dramatic efficiency gains and growth opportunities.

Are you and your organization ready to reap these rewards?

Your Journey to Knowledge Work Efficiency in Three Simple Steps

Our Clear, Efficient Process Ensures Optimal Outcomes

Request and Review

Start your knowledge work transformation journey with a free consultation where we'll discover your current situation, goals, and needs.

Next, we craft a custom-designed solution unique to your business requirements.

You review this draft, making sure it aligns perfectly with your vision before we proceed further.

Refine and Finalize

Once you are sure we can deliver what you require and have confirmed the plan, we build your solution iteratively with continuous recurring review sessions with you to ensure alignment with agreed requirements. This allows for adjustments and improvements along the way, and will also transmit a level of expertise in your new business system as we're configuring it for you.

Given our iterative process with continuous validations, by completion, you have already practically pre-accepted the solution. But if your quality assurance processes require separate user acceptance testing, we're happy to help there as well.

Reap the Rewards

Once the solution is accepted, we integrate it into your workflow and provide comprehensive training on its usage.

As you begin utilizing your new system, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist you. And if you wish, we'll also stand by you as an ongoing managed service provider to ensure seamless operation.

As you start experiencing significant efficiency gains, the question usually becomes: "What should we optimize next?" and as your trusted advisors, we're here to help you reach the next level.

Consider This

If we could help you condense a task that previously took 10 steps into just 7, 6 or 4 efficient stages, what would that do for your business?

While it would clearly streamline your operations; it could also free up capacity for business expansion by enabling your experts to work at a higher capacity thank to automation. And with automated workflow that ensure your processes are followed the right way this could also lead to a reduced business risk and delightful experiences for your clients.

Unlock exceptional growth opportunities without compromising security or client satisfaction with OptimaNext as your guide.

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Michelle Green

Document Controller

It was brilliant!

All the gaps of knowledge I had regarding metadata, classes, groups objects etc. have been filled in. Gained understanding on how permissions and workflows need to be setup.

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